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Seamark, E.C.J., T.C. Kearney, and J. Watson. 2012. An updated distribution map and additional museum voucher specimens of the genus Cistugo (Chiroptera: Cistugonidae), with a review of the distinction between Cistugo seabrae Thomas, 1912 and C. lesueuri Roberts, 1919, and aspects concerning their allopatric distribution. Annals of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History. 2: 111-119.

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While recent work focused on resolution at the family level, and led to the suggestion of a new family for the genus Cistugo, the validity of Cistugo lesueuri still remains unresolved.  We provide a review of the classification of C. lesueuri and C. seabrae, and an updated distribution map for the genus including new localities for each species. Two measurements initially provided to distinguish the species are revisited, and suggest the distributions of C. lesueuri and C. seabrae may not be allopatric, as had previously been assumed.


Cistugo lesueuri, Cistugo seabrae, Species Classification, Distribution


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