The purpose of the African Chiroptera Report (ISSN 1990-6471) is to collate published information on, and collate specimen records of, African bats.  The advent of the internet provides an opportunity for large amounts of information to be easily and economically updated and made accessible, which is particularly important for taxonomic information.  The electronic, web-based nature of the information is intended to allow information on African bats to be corrected/updated more frequently than a printed format allows, and to be available to users in an affordable form that can be manipulated to their specific requirements.

The report is generated from data collated in the African Chiroptera Database which grows and develops as additional new and corrected information is included.

The African Chioptera Report has been published annually since 2006.

This tool will facilitate research and conservation planning, and possibly stimulate interactions across different areas of research.

Current issue

African Chiroptera Report 2017

Past issues

African Chiroptera Report 2017

African Chiroptera Report 2016

African Chiroptera Report 2015

African Chiroptera Report 2014

African Chiroptera Report 2013

African Chiroptera Report 2012