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African Bat Conservation News is divided into two main sections: peer reviewed and non peer reviewed articles.

The non peer reviewed section is further subdivided into a two sections:

Research and Conservation – which aims to promote projects, organizations and individuals working on bat related research, conservation and/or education within Africa and its surrounding islands.  Updates on projects and activities are also encouraged.

Observations, Discussions and Updates – This section is used to inform and allow readers to comment on various issues of a thematic nature. It is also used to capture information (e.g. Observations) which may not have enough information to make the scientific contribution section (these observations will be moderated by the editorial board).

The scientific contribution section of African Bat Conservation News is peer reviewed and publishes brief notes concerning the biology of bats, new geographical distributions (preferably at least 100 km from the nearest previously published record), sparsely annotated species lists resulting from local surveys, roost counts, and echolocation of bat species occurring on the African continent and adjacent regions, including the Arabian peninsula, Madagascar, and other surrounding islands in the Indian and Atlantic oceans and those islands just off Africa within the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

Two additional sections are also included in the newsletter:

Recent literature – this includes abstracts from recent conferences and recently published works.  If you are involved in a conference or have published a paper and wish to have it included in this section please send a copy of the PDF of the paper to the Editor or Scientific Editor.

Notice Board – includes information on future planned conferences, workshops or training opportunities.  If you are an organizer of such an event and wish it to be promoted in ABCN then please send the information to the Editor.

African Bat Conservation News Project Cycle

Issues will be published Quarterly (January, April, July, October).

Deadlines for scientific contributions (1 November, 1 February, 1 May, 1 August).

Deadlines for non-scientific contributions (1 December, 1 March, 1 June, 1 September).

Non scientific contributions should be sent to the Editor while scientific contributions should be sent to the Scientific Editor.


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