Miniopterus on the Move

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AfricanBats manage a number of programs, including;

Taxonomy, Systematics and Life Histories

Taxonomy (classification of organisms) and systematics (placing taxonomy in a phylogenetic context) are the foundational building block for biological research…

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Bats in Protected Areas

Many of the protected areas in Africa were created for the protection of large ungulate species, or were set aside as they were not suitable for agriculture or human settlement due to the presence of disease vectors…

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Cave Conservation Program

Bats as flying, nocturnal animals occupy a unique ecological niche. Most of the cave dwelling bat species are insectivorous, and feed on nocturnal insects…

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Bats on the Move

Bats on the Move is an over arching program that aims to identify and conserve migratory bats species within Africa.

Currently a project investigating the cave dwelling Natal Long-fingered bats is underway called ‘Miniopterus on the Move’.

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Meletse Bat Research and Conservation Training Centre

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Outreach and Training

AfricanBats NPC is involved in many different outreach programs to promote a more positive message about bats.

Various training courses are also undertaken to promote a better understanding of bats and also to highlight our currently lack of knowledge about these amazing creatures.

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