The last quarter sampling of bats at Madlimatle Cave for 2018 occurred from 19 to 22 November 2018.  This is part of long-term collaborative research with the Centre for Viral Zoonoses, University of Pretoria and Ditsong National Museum of Natural History. We were joined by the Department of Science and Technology – National Research Foundation interns that were placed with AfricanBats NPC (Rudzani Thangambi, Sarah Oxley and Emma Swartz), as well as the ‘Bat fieldworkers’ course participants who had just finished the ‘Introduction to bats’ course and were  going to be undertaking the bat fieldworkers level I course.  With the exception of Emma Swartz, who had completed the ‘Bat fieldworkers’ course the previous year, and was part of the team measuring bats, the interns and course participants had the opportunity to observe skills associated with bat fieldwork  as part of a functioning long-term research project.

During this field period seventy-nine bats were tagged with RFID (PIT tags). This is part of the ‘Bats on the Move’ project for long-term monitoring of the population including to track movements. Six species of bats were tagged with the majority being the Natal Long-fingered Bat (Miniopterus natalensis).