Tlaishego Tedson Nkoana

Tlaishego Tedson Nkoana

Year of internship: 2016/17


I was born in a little town called Mashishing in Mpumalanga and raised in Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa. Growing up I had both my parents and four of my siblings around. I received my primary and high school education in Tembisa where I excelled throughout as a learner. I went to the University of Johannesburg where I studied a BSc Zoology and Environmental management and BSc Honours degree at the same institution.  My goal was to continue too study for a  Masters degree and fulfil my long term goal of becoming a conservation manager.

Upon completing my Honours degree I realized how little training I had in what I was pursuing. I also had little technical knowledge with regards to the project I did for my Honours which entailed comparing insect and bat diversity between an urban edge and an urban area – Krugersdorp Nature Reserve and Soweto, respectively. My knowledge was lacking in sampling bat calls and identifying them as I knew very little about the bat detector I was using. In addition to that I never saw the bats I was identifying from the calls on the bat detector. Having gotten this internship at AfricanBats will help me obtain more information about bats which I lacked before.

My goal is to gain more knowledge about bat ecology, identification techniques, the various equipment used and identify possible areas of study. All the aforementioned will prepare me in doing a proper, well informed Masters project. At the moment I have no idea what that project is but I will identify it during the course of the internship.