Sarah Oxley

Sarah Oxley

Year of internship: 2018/19


An honours graduate student from the University of Witwatersrand with an interest in conservation biology and human-wildlife interaction. I am an intern at AfricanBats NPC located in Pretoria.  On the side I enjoy landscape and wildlife photography. Working with nocturnal animals, in this case bats, has allowed me to further develop my photography skills.

During my time at University I was a teaching assistant, this enabled me to educate fellow undergraduate students. This was an extremely rewarding experience, as I believe that education of both colleagues and the public is vital for effective scientific research. Working with A rated scientists, has given me the opportunity to explore my scientific curiosity and be part of innovate scientific research. My passion for wildlife and research continued even when I travelled abroad, I completed a short environmental course which focused on the importance of desalination as well as the ecology of Florida’s freshwater systems.

I have gained vital skills and knowledge with regards to conservation research, report writing and presenting, as well as how to work and effectively communicate within a group. Although I have gained these relevant skills that have allowed me to continue on with research, as an intern I hope to expand my knowledge of scientific practices and gain valuable field skills, through hands on experience. I am hoping that during my time as an intern and due to the exposure I will have with extremely knowledgeable professors that I will learn not only about bats and how they fit into South African ecosystems, but also about the interaction between humans and wildlife and gain skills to contribute further towards conservation biology.