Rudzani Thangambi

Rudzani Thangambi

Year of internship: 2018/19


Growing up in the rural village of Limpopo, Conservation and Environmental Management were foreign concepts that were least understood. I was not sure about what I wanted to study, it was only when I was in Grade 12 that I came across a career book and somehow I developed an interest in Environmental Science. So I went ahead and studied BSc Environmental Science degree at the University of Venda and I am currently studying towards my Honours and planning on doing Masters next year.

I graduated in 2012 and one might wonder what I have been doing for six years. Well, I was exploring. I have always been curious about nature and I have always wanted to know more and be involved. So during this six years of ‘exploring’ I worked at Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency were I was working with invasive plants. This job opened my eyes in so many ways.

From then on I went to Western Cape and worked in one of Cape Nature Reserve’s, Goukamma Nature Reserve and Marine and Protected Area. I can honestly say that this is where I fell deep in love with nature. I took part in marine, terrestrial and freshwater research; environmental education; alien invasive plants control; and fire preparedness and management projects.

I then came to Gauteng at the National Zoological Garden. I did environmental education work at the Zoo and this is where my public speaking skills exploded and I enjoyed sharing what I know with the rest of the zoo visitors.

Currently I am a DST-NRF intern hosted with AfricanBats NPC and do you want to know how I am feeling? I am super excited, this is yet another venture for me. I am yet again doing something I have never done before and I am excited about the learning opportunity that lies ahead. I’ve never worked with bats and I am ready to find out what this place has in store for me.