Lindelani Makuya

Lindelani Makuya

Year of internship: 2016/17


I am a 22 year old female born in Tshiawelo, Soweto on the 12th of November 1993. I was raised by my paternal grandmother from a young age who installed morals and values in me that built my character. Growing up I developed an interest in jigsaw and crossword puzzles which have become hobbies of mine. Over the past years I have also been learning to play the bass guitar and keyboard mainly for the love of music. My favorite thing to do when I’m at home is to read a novel or watch cartoons. I do not play any sports and I am not a part of any club or group. I am able to speak five South African languages excluding my home language. People have described me as kind, humble and easily approachable. Generally I prefer my own company to that of other people, but when in a crowd I enjoy sharing jokes and old stories with my fellow peers.

I attended primary school at Mveledzandivho Primary School in Tshiawelo. I was very academic and competitive, taking part in the reading competitions such as Battle of the Books and Story Skirmish. I finished my matric with Rand Girls’ School in Braamfontein, after which I registered with the University of Johannesburg to do my undergraduate studies in Life and Environmental Sciences with specialization in Botany and Zoology. I never liked physical sciences in high school and this gave me a problem when I got to tertiary, failing the module in the first semester. I had to change my attitude towards it for me to pursue my degree further.

I have an interest in animal anatomy, behavior and distribution and the factors that influence these aspects. I would like to continue with my honours in zoology after completing the internship program.  I will be using this year to look at possible projects I can do for my honours.