The Introduction to Bat Ecology, Biology, Conservation and Identification course is our foundational course and is a prerequisite for participation in any of our other courses. This course is for anyone interested in learning more about bats, postgraduates looking at pursuing a bat-related research project or environmental consultants who need to get back to the basics of the biology and ecology of bats.  The course covers a broad spectrum of subjects focusing on the biology and ecology of bats, including what we currently understand and what we do not know (possible areas for further investigation for postgraduate studies).

Duration: 5 days

Venues: This course is generally offered at two venues: the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History (Pretoria) and the Meletse Bat Research and Conservation Training Centre (near Thabazimbi). We may move the venue of the course due to logistics or demand. Practical work for this course, including mist-netting and working with bat detectors, are undertaken at suitable venues.

Subjects covered on the course:

• Myths and Misconceptions
• Phylogeny and evolution
• Biology and Ecology
• Bat morphology
• Flight
• Health and Safety
• Law and Ethics
• Identification (including practical’s using study skins)
• Threats and Conservation
• Echolocation

You could walk away with:

Participants will have the opportunity to attempt their Bat Workers level 1 certification, by successfully completing theoretical and practical assessments.

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Cost: Please contact us for course rates.