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Bats make up a quarter of the mammalian diversity on the planet. The African continent and Madagascar and its associated islands contain about 321 extant species of bats, which comprises about 25% of the global bat diversity. Bats are an important component in ecosystem health and condition. They occupy a critical niche, the insectivorous species being primary nocturnal predators, while frugivorous species are critical for forest regeneration. Find out more about why bats are important and what we are doing to conserve them here.

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Find out more about our projects and what we are doing to conserve Africa’s bat diversity.

Yebo Gogga yebo amaBlomo 2018

Yebo Gogga yebo amaBlomo is an annual educational event hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand. It provides the opportunity for inquisitive minds to learn about the wonderful natural world. The event hosts educational stands from a variety of different subjects ranging from microbiology, plants, insects and even live animals. For the first time, AfricanBats participated in this educational week […]

April 2018 – Introduction to bat biology, ecology, conservation and identification course

April sparked the first term for South African university vacation.  This also coincides with the Introduction to bat biology, ecology, conservation and identification course offered by AfricanBats NPC.  Well for five participants from two countries (Belgium and South Africa) it was not a vacation.  These eager minds where present to familiarize themselves about the unique […]

Exploratory visit to Gcwihaba Cave, Botswana

When an invitation came via Rodger Ellis (Potchefstroom Potholing Club) from the Botswana Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Hon Minister T. Khama to visit the Gcwihaba Cave to provide advice on the bats in the cave, how could one refuse?  With a seven day trip planned for the 19 – 25 February, […]

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AfricanBats NPC publishes currently two publications - African Chiroptera Report and African Bat Conservation News

African Chiroptera Report 2017

African Bat Conservation News – volume 47

African Bat Conservation News – volume 46

African Bat Conservation News – volume 45

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AfricanBats NPC raises funds to support various projects that contribute to the conservation of Africa’s bat diversity through education, capacity building, research and management.

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