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Bats make up a quarter of the mammalian diversity on the planet. The African continent and Madagascar and its associated islands contain about 321 extant species of bats, which comprises about 25% of the global bat diversity. Bats are an important component in ecosystem health and condition. They occupy a critical niche, the insectivorous species being primary nocturnal predators, while frugivorous species are critical for forest regeneration. Find out more about why bats are important and what we are doing to conserve them here.

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Find out more about our projects and what we are doing to conserve Africa’s bat diversity. To keep updated on more recent activities join 'Friends of AfricanBats' Facebook group.

7th AfricanBats Bat Fieldworkers Course Level 1

The 7th AfricanBats Bat Fieldworkers course was held from 23 November to 15 December 2019. With only single participant Ms. Eleanor Glass (University of Uppsala, Sweden) in the level 1 course, but Ms. Tosca Vanroy (Belgium) who attended the 6th fieldworkers course in 2018, assisted as a training mentor.  Having Tosca back and having already […]

Introduction to bat biology, ecology and conservation – November 2019

An ‘Introduction to bats’ course was held from 11-17 November 2019 at the Meletse Bat Research and Conservation Training Center, near Thabazimbi, in South Africa.  We had a single participant from the University of Uppsala (Sweden). This introduction formed the first week of the five week ‘Bat fieldworkers’ course.  The introductory course provides basic information […]

Halloween 2019 Bat Photography

The last Saturday of October was the perfect opportunity to explore Halloween myths.   With the support of Gordon and Cindy (Hooper’s Horizons), the challenge was set for an early Halloween experience.  About 21 photographers of the Centurion Camera Club participated in the opportunity to capture in the wild, the natural flight behavior of bats.  The […]

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AfricanBats NPC publishes currently two publications - African Chiroptera Report and African Bat Conservation News

African Chiroptera Report 2020

African Bat Conservation News – volume 48

African Bat Conservation News – volume 47

African Bat Conservation News – volume 46

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AfricanBats NPC raises funds to support various projects that contribute to the conservation of Africa’s bat diversity through education, capacity building, research and management.

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