African Bat Conservation News

Volume 34

April 2014



Inside this issue 


 Research and Conservation Activities

  Bats without borders  

 Observations, discussions and updates

  Recent changes in African Bat Taxonomy (2013-2014). Part I  
  Erratum for KEARNEY et al. (2010)- Chiroptera of Lufupa Camp, Kafue National Park, Zambia; with taxonomic notes on Epomophorus, Nycticeinops, Scotophilus and Scotoecus  
  Museum accession numbers for voucher specimens from Namibia referred to by field number in MONADJEM et al. (2013) - A cryptic new species of Miniopterus from south-eastern Africa based on molecular and morphological characters  

 Recent Literature

  Published Books/Reports  
  Journal Articles  

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