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African Bat Conservation News

Volume 1

July 2004



Inside this issue


 Notes form the Editor


 Research & Conservation Activities

  South African Red Data Book for Mammals  
  Bats as bush meat  
  Research on hte survival & movements of the Common Slit-faced bat (Nycteris thebaica) in north-eastern Swaziland  

 Scientific Contributions

  Draft guidelines for scientific contributions  

 Debates & Updates

  DEBATE: The scientific name for the African Bannana Bat  
  Proposal to place the Long-fingered bats into their own family  
  Three distinct populations of Long-fingered bats in South Africa  
  Southern African Pipistrellus kuhlii are now P. hesparidus  
  Individual call signatures in the Large-eared Free-tailed bats  

 Recent Literature


 Notice Board


 Call for Contributions



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